DART Manufacturing offers Custom Factory automation at its finest. We are your one stop resource for cost effective engineering services.

Serving Long Island, NY and the Tri-State area. Dart Manufacturing is a multifaceted company with extensive background in design and manufacturing. Our innovative solutions allow your company to compete in today's market.

Established in 2004, Dart Mfg. provides services to a wide variety of clients assisting in their design, prototyping, manufacturing and production needs. Dart Mfg. was established by two graduate degree mechanical engineers that are focused on developing and building of new concepts.

David Moses and Arto Cinoglu partnered for many years on different projects bringing them to success one after another. During college years and in their professional lives they worked on many award winning projects and concepts that are used as everyday products in the consumer world.

David Moses is specialized in automation machinery, tooling and product development. All of his professional life, he has worked with high end companies that require complex automated machinery. His designs attracted great attention at national and international trade shows.

Arto Cinoglu is specialized in conceptual development and new product design. He worked in R&D and engineering departments of various companies where he utilized his skills and analytical ability to create new products. He currently has four patents and six patent pending designs. These products are in the medical, transportation and private sectors.

We would appreciate the opportunity to review your application and provide you with unsurpassed service.

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Call Dart today at 631-319-1655

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