DART Manufacturing specializes in economic factory automation. We build systems customized for our clients’ needs. Our "keep it simple" mind frame keeps costs to a minimum.

Fully-automated and semi-automated assembly machines:
Fully-automated and semi-automated assembly machines are often the answer to reducing cost, increasing profit, improving quality and keeping jobs in house. Our customers enjoy relatively short payback periods with production rates reaching 60 PPM and often higher. DART Mfg. provides turn-key automation systems that can often be "left to run". State of the art electronics ensure your product's quality is maintained.

Bench-Top Solutions and Electro-Mechanical Work Stations:
Bench-Top Solutions and Electro-Mechanical Work Stations are cost effective solutions. Several stations can often fit in a small area. Units are portable and easily stored for your next production run. These systems are a great way to handle small to mid size runs and take the frustration out of difficult tasks. Assembly and testing can often be performed at one station.

Cost effective Tooling and Fixtures:
Cost effective tooling is ideal for shorter runs and tight budget projects. Large costly machines are not always the answer to your manufacturing needs. Work stations and hand tools often play a large role in economic manufacturing solutions. Innovative solutions and simplicity of design allow us to provide solutions that fit your shop and budget.

Fixtures and hand tools can take the kink out of your production line. We're experienced in: Multi Part Nesting, Drill Fixtures, Vacuum Tools, Deep Insertion, Crimping, Cutting, Stripping, Dispensing, Bonding, Curing, Swaging, Calibration, Testing, etc.

Case History:
One customer's request for a machine was answered by implementing a small fixture. A production increase of 400% on this operation was immediately achieved. Not bad for "pennies on the dollar".

How can we serve you?
We do improvements on current systems and finish your started projects. Allow us to view your current methods and suggest improvements. We would like to work with your engineers to develop the best result possible. We may have the economic solution that your company has been looking for.
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